Story behind the Song

TU HI is the Hindi version of the Telugu worship song Neeve which was released in 2019. This song was originally written in 2012 and is based on John 14:6, one of the 7 “I AM” statements of Jesus recorded in the gospel of John. In the old testament, when Moses asks God about who He is, God does not fully reveal His identity, but says “I AM WHO I AM”. In the new testament, Jesus unveils that hidden identity with the below 7 I AM statements recorded in John

  1. I AM the Bread of Life – John 6:35
  2. I AM the Light of the World – John 8:12
  3. I AM the Door – John 10:9
  4. I AM the Good Shepherd – John 10:11-14
  5. I AM the Resurrection and the Life – John 11:25
  6. I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life – John 14:6
  7. I AM the Vine – John 15:1-5

The vision of the song is to proclaim who HE is by using some of these statements. 

Chords & Lyrics

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Story Behind the Song

Psalm 121, a song of Ascents is sung by the Israelites during their journey to Jerusalem which is situated on a high hill. Pointing upwards, Hills are a great reminder that as believers, we should always look up to the Most High when life’s journey becomes difficult.

Dear friend, where are you in your life’s journey? 

  • Are you in a season of disappointment? 
  • Are you exhausted? 
  • Are you facing mountains that are too big?  

If yes, who are you turning to, for help?

Family? Friends? Doctors? or someone who is in power? 

While there is nothing wrong in seeking help from others, it is my humble prayer that this song serves as a reminder to look to the Most High as our help comes from Him!!!

May the Lord who made a way by parting the waters and rescued His people from the burning furnace move the mountains and make a way. Amen!!

My Inspiration to write this song comes from my mother’s prayer which typically begins with Psalm 121:1-2. 

Scripture References: Psalms 121; 1 John 5:14; Exodus 14:21-22; Daniel 3:24-25; Isaiah 45:2

Chords & Lyrics

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Story Behind NA DAROONGA

Psalm 91 has been a go to scripture whenever I needed God’s assurance and His promise for protection. I have long desired to write a song based on this Psalm, but was not able to until Covid-19 impacted the world.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, like most of us, I would wake up to messages or news of people losing their loved ones or jobs or businesses. I saw FEAR and ANXIETY among everyone around like never before and living miles away from the family, I also started to worry about their well being. As days of chaos and uncertainty turned into weeks and months, Holy Spirit put a melody in my heart and I started singing the words of Psalm 91 as a declaration. This marked the beginning of a fruitful journey.

I witnessed God’s faithfulness throughout the journey as He has led us through many challenges. Even during the making in Telugu, God used this song to strengthen the band members who were facing some personal battles.
Encouraged by the testimonies of how BHAYAPADANU has been a blessing to many during the past year, we translated it into Hindi. It is my prayer that God would use NA DAROONGA to bring HOPE into people’s lives during these tough times and remind everyone about His unfailing LOVE.

Chord Charts (B)

Chord Charts (G)

Lyrics Sheet


I love Psalm 91!

It has been a go to scripture whenever I am in need of God’s assurance and His promise of protection. I’ve always wanted to write a song based on it, but was not able to until the Pandemic impacted all of our lives. Amidst all the FEAR and ANXIETY of losing lives, jobs and adjusting to a new normal, the Holy Spirit started to nudge me to revisit the idea of penning a song to declare His promises from this Psalm.

The journey started at the end of April 2020 and along the way God brought some incredible people onboard. While in the process of making, we faced many challenges and roadblocks. Some of us had to fight our own personal battles, but God in His faithfulness was already using this song to strengthen us. It is my prayer that He would continue to use it to minister to many who are trying to find strength in the midst of life’s storms and battles.

Scripture References: Psalms 91; 2 Chronicles 20:15 & Isaiah 41:10

Full song will be premiering today at 7:00pm IST / 8:30am EST. Click the link below and set the reminder and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Nee Aatmatho Nannu Nadipinchaya

Story Behind the Song

Every believer journeys through a lot of “Prodigal Son” and “Lost Sheep” moments in their faith. When he/she realizes that they are drifting away from God and turns to Him in repentance, He welcomes them back with open arms and rejoices over them. This song, penned based on such experiences is a supplication to God asking Him to lead us with His Spirit.

I wrote the Chorus and couple of lines of the verse in 2013 and totally forgot about it. Fast forward to end of 2018, when I was planning to move to Virginia from Los Angeles, I was going through all the old files and stumbled across this tune. Finished writing in 2018 and recorded the full song on my phone in early 2019 right before the move to Virginia. We started the project in Jan 2020 and then pandemic happened forcing multiple delays, but God has been faithful and leading the team and I through this exciting journey.

I am thankful to God for putting together such a wonderful team consisting of Ravinder Vottepu, Keba Jeremiah, Enoch Jagan and others who gave their best. We started the project with tracking of guitars first and Keba’s guitars added soul to the song and Enoch wonderfully arranged and tracked rest of the instruments. Bro. Ravinder’s spirit filled rendition took it to the next level.

Special thanks to my family and friends who have been a great support throughout this journey with their prayers and encouragement. Pray that this song ministers to many and brings them closer to God!

Scripture References: Psalms 143:10; Luke 15: 3-7 & 11-24

Full song will be premiering on Sep 8th at 7:30pm IST / 10:00am EST. Click the link below and set the reminder and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel .

నీతి సూర్యుడు

రక్షకుడు పుట్టేను బేత్లెహేములో - రారాజై వెలిసేను పశువుల పాకలో (2) 
సర్వోన్నత స్థలములలో దేవునికే మహిమ
ఆయనే ప్రభువైన క్రీస్తని - ఆయనే ఇమ్మానుయేలని
రారండి పూజించి కీర్తించెదం 

దూతలే స్తుతి పాడగా - గొల్లలే ఆరాధించగా (2)
పరిశుద్ధ ప్రభువే - పసివాడై నేడు (2)
పాకలో పరుండే (2)                             || సర్వోన్నత ||

అంధకారమే తొలగించను - చీకటి బ్రతుకులన్ వెలిగించను (2)
నీతి సూర్యుడె - వెలుగై నేడు (2)
ఇలలొ ఉదయించే (2)                          || సర్వోన్నత || 

పాపములను బాపను - శాపములను మాపను (2)
దేవాతి దేవుడె గొర్రెపిల్లై (2)
అవతరించె నేడు (2)                           || సర్వోన్నత ||            

Neethi Suryudu

Rakshakudu Puttenu Bethlehemulo
Rarajai Velisenu Pashuvula Paakalo         || Rakshakudu ||
Sarvonnatha Sthalamulalo Devunike Mahima 
Ayane Prabhuvaina Kreesthani - Ayane Immanuelani
Raarandi Poojinchi Keerthinchedam (2)

Verse 1
Doothale Sthuthi Paadaga - Gollale Aaradhinchaga (2)
Parishudha Prabhuve Pasivadai Nedu (2)
Paakalo Parunde (2)                        ||Sarvonnatha|| 

Verse 2
Andhakarame Tolagnichanu - Cheekati Brathukulan Veliginchanu (2)
Neethi Suryude Velugai Nedu (2)
Ilalo Udayinche (2)                        ||Sarvonnatha||  
Verse 3
Paapamulanu Baapanu - Shaapamulanu Maapanu (2)
Devathi Devude Gorre Pillai (2)
Avatharinche Nedu (2)                      ||Sarvonnatha||  

Neeve Official Promo

Dear All,

I am excited to share the promo of my new worship single featuring Allen Ganta and Enoch Jagan. Full song will be premiered soon on my YouTube Channel

When God asked Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses said if they ask me what’s the name of the one who sent you what shall I tell them? God then said to Moses, tell them that “I AM” has sent you. And in the New Testament, Jesus reveals what “I AM” means with seven statements recorded in John’s epistle. This worship single which is based on one of such statements “I AM the way and the truth and life”. Please continue to pray for the song and the team.

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యేసు రాజు జన్మించె

Here are the chords for my original composition. Please watch, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel

Fm Db Eb Cm
యేసు రాజు జన్మించె - నా కొరకై ఇలలో
Eb Cm Fm
క్రీస్తు యేసు ఉదయించె - మనకొరకై భువిలో (2)

Fm Ab Bbm Eb Cm Fm
ఓ సొదరా ఓ సోదరీ - ఉత్సహ గానము చేసేదము
Fm Ab Bbm Eb Cm Fm
ఓ సొదరా ఓ సోదరీ - ఆనందంతో గంతులు వేసేదము || యేసు రాజు||

Fm Ab Bbm
దావీదు వంశమందు - బేత్లెహేము గ్రామమందు
Eb Cm Fm
కన్య మరియ గర్భమందు - రక్షకుడు పుట్టెను (2)
Fm Db Eb Cm
పాపులను రక్షింప – నరరూపం దాల్చెను (2)
Fm Eb Cm Fm
పశువుల శాలయందు – పసివాడై వెలిసెను (2) || ఓ సొదరా||

Fm Ab Bbm
ఆశ్చర్యకరుడు - ఆలోచనకర్త
Eb Cm Fm
బలవంతుడైన ప్రభు - నిత్యుడగు తండ్రి (2)
Fm Db Eb Cm
సమాధానకర్తయగు - అధిపతియై యేసయ్య (2)
Fm Eb Cm Fm
దివినుంచి భువికి నేడు – దిగివచ్చెను (2) || ఓ సొదరా||

Fm Ab Bbm
బంగారు సాంబ్రాణి - బోళమును అర్పించ
Eb Cm Fm
తారను వెంబడించి – జ్ఞానులు వచ్చిరి (2)
Fm Db Eb Cm
సంతోష గానముతో - పరిశుద్ధుని సన్నిధిని (2)
Fm Eb Cm Fm
సాగిలపడి యేసుని – పూజించిరి (2) || ఓ సొదరా||

Strumming: D D U D U

Yesu Raju Janminche

Here are the chords for my original composition. Please watch, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel. 

Fm Db Eb Cm
Yesu Raju Janminche - Naa Korakai Ilalo
Eb Cm Fm
Kreesthu Yesu Udayinche - Manakorakai Bhuvilo

Fm Ab Bbm Eb Cm Fm
O Sodara O Sodari - Uthsaha Gaanamu Chesudamu
Fm Ab Bbm Eb Cm Fm
O Sodara O Sodari - Anandamtho Ganthulu Vesudamu ||Yesu||

Fm Ab Bbm
Daveedu Vamshamandu - Bethlehemu Gramamandu
Eb Cm Fm
Kanya Mariya Garbhamandu - Rakshakudu Puttenu (2)
Fm Db Eb Cm
Pappulanu Rakshimpa – Nararoopam Daalchenu (2)
Fm Eb Cm Fm
Pashuvula Shalayandu – Pasivadai Velisenu (2) ||O Sodara||

Fm Ab Bbm
Asharya Karudu - Alochanakartha
Eb Cm Fm
Balavanthudaina Prabhuvu - Nithyudagu Thandri (2)
Fm Db Eb Cm
Samadhana Karthayagu - Adhipathiyai Yesayya (2)
Fm Eb Cm Fm
Divinunchi Bhuviki Nedu – Digivachchenu (2) ||O Sodara||

Fm Ab Bbm
Bangaru Sambrani - Bolamunu Arpincha
Eb Cm Fm
Taranu Vembadinchi – Gnanulu Vachiri (2)
Fm Db Eb Cm
Santosha Ganamutho - Parishudhuni Sannidhini (2)
Fm Eb Cm Fm
Sagilapadi Yesuni – Poojinchiri (2) ||O Sodara||

Strumming: D D U D U