Story Behind NA DAROONGA

Psalm 91 has been a go to scripture whenever I needed God’s assurance and His promise for protection. I have long desired to write a song based on this Psalm, but was not able to until Covid-19 impacted the world.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, like most of us, I would wake up to messages or news of people losing their loved ones or jobs or businesses. I saw FEAR and ANXIETY among everyone around like never before and living miles away from the family, I also started to worry about their well being. As days of chaos and uncertainty turned into weeks and months, Holy Spirit put a melody in my heart and I started singing the words of Psalm 91 as a declaration. This marked the beginning of a fruitful journey.

I witnessed God’s faithfulness throughout the journey as He has led us through many challenges. Even during the making in Telugu, God used this song to strengthen the band members who were facing some personal battles.
Encouraged by the testimonies of how BHAYAPADANU has been a blessing to many during the past year, we translated it into Hindi. It is my prayer that God would use NA DAROONGA to bring HOPE into people’s lives during these tough times and remind everyone about His unfailing LOVE.

Chord Charts (B)

Chord Charts (G)

Lyrics Sheet


7 thoughts on “NA DAROONGA

  1. This song is my inspiration at this moment because me & my family met with an accident & god has saved our lives.. even my legs are paralyzed , my both hands are fractured from backside & spine is also operated and screws is been placed for fixation. M having 2 kids they r very small . Even my mother in law also paralyzed since 7 yrs . So right me & my husband are going through very tough time but when I m listening NA DARUNGA it gives strength to get up , fight all difficulties. So tha k u so much for making this song. Remember me & my family on ur prayer thank u. Praise d lord .

    • Dear sis. Nehali Roy,

      I am so sorry to hear about your accident, but praise God for His protection over you and the family. Praying that Jehova Rapha heals you fully so that you can stand and testify all the great things He has done in your life!! I am really glad that this song is ministering to you during these testing times! Take care!


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