Story Behind the Song

Psalm 121, a song of Ascents is sung by the Israelites during their journey to Jerusalem which is situated on a high hill. Pointing upwards, Hills are a great reminder that as believers, we should always look up to the Most High when life’s journey becomes difficult.

Dear friend, where are you in your life’s journey? 

  • Are you in a season of disappointment? 
  • Are you exhausted? 
  • Are you facing mountains that are too big?  

If yes, who are you turning to, for help?

Family? Friends? Doctors? or someone who is in power? 

While there is nothing wrong in seeking help from others, it is my humble prayer that this song serves as a reminder to look to the Most High as our help comes from Him!!!

May the Lord who made a way by parting the waters and rescued His people from the burning furnace move the mountains and make a way. Amen!!

My Inspiration to write this song comes from my mother’s prayer which typically begins with Psalm 121:1-2. 

Scripture References: Psalms 121; 1 John 5:14; Exodus 14:21-22; Daniel 3:24-25; Isaiah 45:2

Chords & Lyrics

Chord Charts English (G)                                                Lyrics Sheet  English

Chord Charts Telugu (G)                                                 Lyrics Sheet Telugu


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