Nee Aatmatho Nannu Nadipinchaya

Story Behind the Song

Every believer journeys through a lot of “Prodigal Son” and “Lost Sheep” moments in their faith. When he/she realizes that they are drifting away from God and turns to Him in repentance, He welcomes them back with open arms and rejoices over them. This song, penned based on such experiences is a supplication to God asking Him to lead us with His Spirit.

I wrote the Chorus and couple of lines of the verse in 2013 and totally forgot about it. Fast forward to end of 2018, when I was planning to move to Virginia from Los Angeles, I was going through all the old files and stumbled across this tune. Finished writing in 2018 and recorded the full song on my phone in early 2019 right before the move to Virginia. We started the project in Jan 2020 and then pandemic happened forcing multiple delays, but God has been faithful and leading the team and I through this exciting journey.

I am thankful to God for putting together such a wonderful team consisting of Ravinder Vottepu, Keba Jeremiah, Enoch Jagan and others who gave their best. We started the project with tracking of guitars first and Keba’s guitars added soul to the song and Enoch wonderfully arranged and tracked rest of the instruments. Bro. Ravinder’s spirit filled rendition took it to the next level.

Special thanks to my family and friends who have been a great support throughout this journey with their prayers and encouragement. Pray that this song ministers to many and brings them closer to God!

Scripture References: Psalms 143:10; Luke 15: 3-7 & 11-24

Full song will be premiering on Sep 8th at 7:30pm IST / 10:00am EST. Click the link below and set the reminder and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel .

2 thoughts on “Nee Aatmatho Nannu Nadipinchaya

  1. Praise the lord

    There was one phase in my spiritual life , where my faith was stumbling and i came across this song through which God spoke to me and reminded me how he brought me out when I hit rock-bottom in life and how he embraced me when I turned back. Tears rolled when God reminded and asking me to turn back in faith again. God receives us in any phase of our life.

    (This song is reminder from God )

    I really thankq u guys for this song. it’s a blessing .

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