I love Psalm 91!

It has been a go to scripture whenever I am in need of God’s assurance and His promise of protection. I’ve always wanted to write a song based on it, but was not able to until the Pandemic impacted all of our lives. Amidst all the FEAR and ANXIETY of losing lives, jobs and adjusting to a new normal, the Holy Spirit started to nudge me to revisit the idea of penning a song to declare His promises from this Psalm.

The journey started at the end of April 2020 and along the way God brought some incredible people onboard. While in the process of making, we faced many challenges and roadblocks. Some of us had to fight our own personal battles, but God in His faithfulness was already using this song to strengthen us. It is my prayer that He would continue to use it to minister to many who are trying to find strength in the midst of life’s storms and battles.

Scripture References: Psalms 91; 2 Chronicles 20:15 & Isaiah 41:10

Full song will be premiering today at 7:00pm IST / 8:30am EST. Click the link below and set the reminder and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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