Nee Chethitho Nannu Pattuko


D             D/A         G              A             D
Nee Chethitho Nannu Pattuko - Nee Aathmatho Nannu Nadupu
D             G            D             A             D
Shilpi Chethilo Shilanu Nenu - Anukshanamu Nannu Chekkumu 

Verse 1

D         D/A    G                A             D
Andhakara Loyalona - Sancharinchina Bhayamu Ledhu
D         G             D              A             D
Nee Vaakyam Shakthigaladhi - Naa Throvaku Nithya Velugu

Verse 2

Ghorapaapini Nenu Thandri - Paapa Yubilo Padiyuntini
Levanettumu Shudhicheyumu - Pondhanimmu Needhu Premanu

Verse 3

Ee Bhuvilo Raaju Neeve - Naa Hrudilo Shanthi Neeve
Kummarinchumu Needu Athmanu - Jeevithanthamu Sevachesedhan

Slash Chords
D/A --> X00232
Strumming Pattern: D D U D U D U 

19 thoughts on “Nee Chethitho Nannu Pattuko

  1. Its very nice to keep some songs with their chords like this.. Keep adding more songs with their chords… Thankyou for keeping this kind of praise and worship songs .. ALL GLORY TO JESUS

    • Hello bro. John,

      Yes, I have a Facebook. Please email me using the link in “about” section and I will provide the profile id.


  2. anna this is a beautiful song for the lord.i appreciate your work for the lord
    …but if you dont mind can I know how to read that notation for slash chord.. I am not getting it right

    • Hi Brother Praveen, it’s indeed a beautiful song. Thank you for appreciating my work.

      Coming to playing the slash chord, just play the regular D but instead of muting the “A” string, play it open.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Praise GOD! Brother, you are helping many who started playing either keyboard or guitar with chords. God Bless You Abundantly!!!

    Can you please write the notes for this song? Thankyou.

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