Ninne Preminthunu

Em       D
Ninne Preminthunu
         C     D  Em
Ninne Preminthunu Yesu
Ninne Preminthunu
       G     B
Ne Venuthiruga
Em             C         D
Nee Sannidhilo Mokarinchi
               G   B  Em
Nee Maargamulo Saageda
             Am     D
Nirasinchaka Saageda
Nee Veluthurulo

Ninne Sevinthunu

Ninne Sthuthinthunu

Ninne Poojinthunu

Click here to access the PDF version of the chords

17 thoughts on “Ninne Preminthunu

  1. Really use full.. I am practicing these chords with my keyboard…. it give depth of the song…. plz share more song like this. Thankyou

  2. thankyou for gveing the cords and you’r posting vedios also in youtube plz leav a youtube link in bottom of the notes

  3. Thanks Martin, I will continue to add more songs here. Also, I just posted the Telugu version of the lyrics for one of the songs. Will post both version for all the songs

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