I am really excited to share my new worship single “Neeve” featuring Allen Ganta and Enoch Jagan.

Chords & Lyrics

Story Behind the Song

This song was originally written in 2012 and is based on John 14:6 which is one of the 7 “I AM” statements of Jesus recorded in John’s gospel. When someone says “I am”, it reveals their identity and in a similar fashion these 7 statements of Jesus reveal the identity of God. In the old testament, when Moses asked God about who He is, God does not fully reveal His identity and replies to Moses by saying “I AM WHO I AM”. In the new testament, Jesus fully reveals that hidden identity of the Most High. The main purpose of the song is to package together some of these identity revealing statements and take it to people who may still do not know about this amazing identity.

The journey of recording this song started in early February 2019 right around the period I moved to Washington DC from Los Angeles. It took a long 8 months for the song to shape up and there were lot of road blocks, delays and frustrating moments along the way, but God in His infinite mercy and in His time been only removing those road blocks and turning the delays into blessings. He has provided more than what I could ask and imagine for. I am ever so thankful to God first and to my family and friends who stood by me during this journey, shared my frustrations, tapped on my shoulders to encourage and more importantly prayed with me.

Please join me in sharing the true identity of our God by inviting your non-christian friends to watch this song. Do watch, like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more exciting worship music.

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