Lekkinchaleni Stotramul

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[Am]Lekkincha [G]Leni [C]Sthothramu[Am]l – Deva [Dm]Ellapudu [E]Ne Paadedha[Am]n    (x2)
Inthavara[C]ku [G]Naa Brathuku[Am]lo – [Dm]Neevu Chesina [E]Mella[Am]kai   (x2)


[Am]Aakaasha Mahaaka[C]shamul – Dhaani [Am]Krindunna Aakaasha[Dm]mu   (x2)
[D]Bhumilo Kanabaduna[G]vanni – [Am]Prabhuva Ni[E]nne Keerthinchu[Am]n   (x2)



[Am]Adavilo Nivasinchuna[C]vanni – Sudi[Am]gaaliyu Manchu[Dm]nu   (x2)
[D]Bhoomipai Nunna[G]vanni – [Am]Deva Ni[E]nne Pogadu[Am]nu   (x2)



[Am]Neetilo Nivasinchu [C]Praanul – Ee [Am]Bhuvilona Jeevaraasu[Dm]lu (x2)
[D]Aakaashamuna Egura[G]vanni – [Am]Prabhuvaa Ni[E]nne Keerthinchu[Am]n (x2)


Strumming: D D U D U

Click here to access the PDF version of the chords

21 thoughts on “Lekkinchaleni Stotramul

  1. Bro thanks allot this website is not only for guitar 🎸🎸 but also for keyboard thnx a lot bro….🙏🙏

  2. really ur website is very useful anna as i am the beginner….thanks a lot plzzzzzzzz keep posting more and more anna love u ……

    • Hi Ishmael,

      Thanks for leaving the feedback. I am glad that this website is able to help you in learning guitar. Please subscribe to get the automatic email notifications of the new posts.

      Good luck with your learning.


      • Thanks alot brother….if u don’t mind can u pls add strumming patters for all the songs in your website,so that it can give some idea about different patterns used for the worship.. in our church, no other instruments are available. i use to play guitar but not able to catch all the songs(strumms and chords). ur site is very helpful to practice chords and strumming….. hope u will help and guide me in improving my guitar skills so that I can glorify jesus with more melody…

        • Hi Naresh,

          I will update the strumming pattern as I find time for all the songs. But, please feel to ask for the strumming pattern for any song you would like on this blog.

          I am really glad that this site is able to help you in Praising God.


  3. Thank u so much for this Lyrics… From the morning i’m searching this lyrics.. Just now i got it.. Thank God.. Thank u so much..:-)

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