Yesu Raju Janminche (Official Christmas Song)

Finally, the wait is over!!! I am really excited to share the video of my first ever original. Its been 2 months to date since my beloved Peddamma went to be with the Lord and I am dedicating this song to her.

I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to use my talents for His glory. Special thanks to my parents, family and friends for their prayers and support.

Here is the link to the YouTube video. Please watch, share and subscribe to my channel for more updates.

Lyrics, Tune & Produced: Vijay Kondapuram
Vocals: Enosh Kumar & Shalom Jagan
Music: Enoch Jagan
Guitars: David Livingston
Video Editing: Vijay & Shanth Kondapuram

Please stay tuned for the Lyrics and Chords…

2 thoughts on “Yesu Raju Janminche (Official Christmas Song)

  1. Thank you so much brother. The chords are posted now on this blog. Please check the home page or you can go to Christmas Carols tab and click on the song name.

  2. Praise the Lord Brother, Great Job and beautiful composition….may your Peddamma listen and praising God for it…Great vocals by Enosh Anna and others…pls share the chords for it…seems like it’s in in Em…

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