Bangaram Adugaledu

D        G         Bm       G           D          G      D
Bangaram Adugaledu Vajralni Adugaledu - Hrudayanni Adigavayya
D        G         Bm        G           D          G      D
Asthulni Adugaledu Anthasthu Adugaledu - Hrudayanni Adigavayya
D          Bm        G                  A       D
Kanneetini Thudichavayya - Santhoshanni Ichchavayya
D           Bm     G                  A     D
Manushulanu Chesavayya - Nee Roopanni Ichavayya
D          Bm-A D    D          Bm-A D
Naa Sarvam Yesayya - Naa Jeevam Yesayya
D           Bm-A D    D            A   D
Naa Praanam Yesayya - Naa Dhyaanam Yesayya

Verse 1
D        G           Bm        G          D        G      D
Paapanni Tholaginchi Shaapanni Theeseya - Bhulokam Vachavayya
D         G         Bm        G          D         G        D
Kashtanni Teerchesi Nashtanni Pudcheya - Naa Kosam Vachchavayya ||Kanneetini||

Verse 2
D          G          Bm         G          D          G        D
Rakthaanni Chindinchi Rakshananu Andinchi - Mokshaanni Ichchaavayyaa
D          G       Bm        G       D           G        D
Dhanavanthulanugaa Mammulanu Cheya - Dhaaridhrya Mondhaavayyaa ||Kanneetini||

YouTube Link (Note that the version in the video is not identical to the post)

One thought on “Bangaram Adugaledu

  1. Could you please adjust the text size, we always have to scroll the bar horizontally and vertically while playing this song on an instrument. We do not have a full/entire view of the lyrics for many songs like this.

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